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Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid ServiceAll hearing aid-related services are provided under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Adams.

After hearing testing has confirmed the presence of a significant hearing loss, patients are offered an appointment to see Dr. Adams for a complimentary consultation. At the time of consultation, Dr. Adams will review the hearing testing results, and listen to the patient and his/her family members (when present) to gain an appreciation for the subjective impact of the patient's hearing loss on his/her daily functioning. This enables her to make an accurate recommendation as to whether hearing aiding is necessary, and what types of aids are appropriate to address each individual's hearing loss. Cost is always a consideration. 

Other services include fitting selected patients with:

1. Swim molds-custom fit swim earplugs to keep ears dry while swimming or bathing, generally for our patients with ear tubes or chronic ear drum perforations

2. Custom Fit Hearing Protection Earplugs

3. Custom Fit Musician Earplugs

For the American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery's recommendations for buying hearing aids, click this link.